Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Googly Questions

1) Which day is near to come yet never comes ?

2) What breaks with a word ?

3) How can two heads, six legs and a tail move fast ?

4) Where can you always find Money whenever you wish to ?

5) How many rossogollas can a healthy 36 yr old, 6 ft tall with 60 Kg weight person eat in an empty stomach ?

6) How much amount of soil is present in a pit 1 cubic meter ( 1m by 1m by 1m) ?

7) There is a question for which people will always give different answer every instance they are asked this very question. Although answer is always different, it is always right. Well what is the question ?

8) Although I am dark, but I only exist when there is light. Who am I ?

9) While going towards Esplanade I saw Mukherjee babu and his 7 wives, each with their dog. So how many people are going towards Esplanade ?

10) Where can you find river but no water, mountains but no rocks and cities but no perople ?